African Food & Grocery

Want fresh food, organic food and other groceries? We give you the opportunity to shop from a range of the highest quality grocery products. We sell fresh and frozen foods, spices, condiments, grains, meals, household essentials and beauty care products in retail and bulk purchases.

African Kitchen

Our African Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant that offers delicious and freshly prepared recipes from West Africa. We serve various authentic West African dishes like Jollof Rice, beans, Pepper Soup, Egusi Soup, Designer Stew{Ayamase}, and much more ready for pick up at our store. 

African Foods and Groceries in Houston

Are you looking for authentic African foods and groceries? Are you fed up with the usual supermarket foods? Do you want to introduce your family to an array of wonderful spices and flavors from Africa? You have come to the right place! Welcome to our African store!

Our African store is a one-stop shop for all things African: Foods, spices, sauces, and even drinks. You can find everything here. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try making some authentic African dishes at home but didn’t know where to start. We have all the information that you need in our store.

Frozen foods

Frozen & Fresh Foods

Cow Skins, Shanks, Panla, Tendon, Cow meat, Goat Meat, Hen, Cow Foot, Stock Fish

Frozen foods

Beauty & Personal Care

Makari , Fair & White Dove Bar Soap, Pure Glow, Diamond Glow, Avon Cream, Dark & Lovely Relaxer, Human Hair 


Condiments & Spices

Pepper, Ground Egusi, Seeds Egusi, Ground Ogbono, Seeds Ogbono, Ground Maggi Cubes, Regular Maggi Cubes, Chicken Knorr Cubes, Chicken.

Frozen foods

Flour & Grains

Ghana Garri, Yellow Garri, White Garri, Cassava Flour, Yam Flour, Pounded Yam, Corn Starch, White Beans, Ground Brown Beans

Frozen foods

African Vegetables

Ugba, Bitter leaves, Oha, Okazi, Uhu, Njasang, Ube/Plumb

Frozen foods


Kellogg’s Breakfast Cereals, Nestle Cornflakes, Pringles Original, McVities Biscuits, Milo Cocoa Beverage, Peak Milk, St. Louis Sugar,Blue Band Spread, Strawberry Jam

Frozen foods


African jewelry, caftans, boubou, Lace Materials, African Prints, Damask, MudCloth apparel and accessories

Frozen foods

Bread & Pastry

Bread, Meat pie, Chin Chin

Frozen foods

Home Essentials

Air freshners Cleaning Supplies Detergent & Soap Disinfectants Insecticides



I love how they have everything you might need to cook or snack on , if you can’t find it all you need to do is ask and their amazing workers will help you

Austeen O

Great place to shop for African consumables

Chigoziri M.

I love it. They sell a variety of African products and I also bought shawarma from them it tastes really good.